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There are people who support you and will stand by you. Some people still recognize the job you do. We respect what you do for our community. It is not easy to leave your family for 12 hours at a time and not know if you will be able to see your kids grow up or kiss your wife one more time. These are things every officer is worried about every time he buttons his shirt and turns his patrol car on at the start of each shift. 
Society now has labeled all law enforcement officers as racist pigs who just want to kill people. The media does not recognize all the good officers do. I think this is where the problem lies. People are so use to turning on the news and seeing "Cop murders teen" or "Officer beat man to death." They do not actually look into the story to find out if the officer was in the wrong or defending himself. They automatically label him as a murderer without facts.

Society now has labeled all law enforcement officers as racist pigs who just want to kill people. The media does not recognize all the good officers do. I think this is where the problem lies. People are so use to turning on the news and seeing "Cop murders teen" or "Officer beat man to death." They do not actually look into the story to find out if the officer was in the wrong or defending himself. They automatically label him as a murderer without facts.​

For the officers of the New Bend Police Department, they believe this is part of their oath. Take a look at this video and see how they change people's lives daily 
They are are crooked people in every business throughout the world. The other people in that profession are not grouped into a category, so why do we put all police officers into one category? This is how people are starting to look at law enforcement and this is only going to lead to more problems.  

In Idaho, officers responded to the house of a 911 prank where the children were African American. When the officers walked up to the door, the mother of the children were told the officers that she told her children not to "engage" the officers. Her reasoning was that the officers were the people who kill them. James Pasco,  the executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, says “The idea that police wake up, strap on their guns and in their badges, and sit around thinking about how they’re going to make lives miserable in the minority community – that’s just at variance with common sense.”

Police officers and their families are having to be extra cautious when going out in public because they are scared of retaliation. Innocent people are scared to leave homes because of a few bad apples. That is not right. James Glennon is a retired police lieutenant and says  “Police officers are very, very upset at what’s going on now, and the way that 700,00 of us are being painted with a brush of racism and ill-intent and malevolent motivation – that we just want to go out there and hurt people, when it’s the exact opposite”. 99% of officers want to do good and just go home.  
Highway Patrol Officer helps woman with changing her tire

Police officers are on the defensive right now. They are worried that no matter what they do that they will criticized and shamed for protecting their communities This in only going to cause hesitation and hesitation will get them killed. The officers that break the law should be punished to the full extend the law. But the way it is now, police officers are automatically in assumed to be in the wrong. They deal with criminals and I am not saying that just because they are criminals they deserved to be killed but sometimes those people do not want to go to jail and do whatever the have to not go to jail. Sometimes that involves in fighting and trying to kill law enforcement officials. Officers have the right to defend themselves just like anyone else. 

​There are acts of kindness like this all over the United States by all police officers. I have shared 2 other videos with you along. Most officers are good people. So do not judge an entire group of people based solely on the actions of a few officers who feel like the law does not apply to them but judge them based on actions like this. 

To the 99% of law enforcement officers who do the right thing, I, along with thousands of other Americans, thank you for your time and sacrifice you give to protecting the citizens of this great nation. We stand by you and respect everything you do. I personally can not wait to be one of you. Hang in there and keep doing your job. 


Witt Napier
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​On August 28, 2015, Harris County Deputy, Darren Goforth, was gunned down at a gas station while pumping gas into his patrol car. On September 22, 2015, two very different groups converged on the Texas State Capitol. Those two groups were a black lives matter group and a police lives matter group. They were on two different sides of the capitol but the black lives matter group observed moments of silence for the police lives matter group as they gathered on the steps of the capitol to pray and recite the pledge of allegiance. The protest had a recipe for disaster but both groups remained peaceful. Each group had speakers but the reason the protestors were there shadowed the speakers. Austin Police Chief, Art Acevedo, won applause when he told the pro-police crowd that most of the 800,000 police officers in the United States would finish their careers without ever firing a shot, but that would go unnoticed by the public. In the same breath he said, those officers who break the law must be held accountable.


Flag supporting Police
The speakers showed the rhetorical strategy known as virtue. That means the speaker shares the same values as the group they are speaking to. By being peaceful, they showed good decorum. Decorum is when the audience expects you to act a certain way. With this being a hot topic right now, certain speakers can invoke pathos. These protestors are feeling a lot of different emotions. That is why they are out protesting for a cause they believe is right needs to change.

​In Heinrich’s Thank You For Arguing (TYFA), he explains decorum as the audience expecting you to act a certain way. The audience is the United States and the speaker are the two groups that are protesting. This is a very heated topic in today’s society.  It had all the makings to turn into a riot but it did not and that is what the country expected. Each group had their own agenda and that did not include violence. The police lives matter group gave out wristbands, blue heart shaped stickers, and held up signs that displayed the names of fallen officers from the past. 

The black lives matter group held up signs such as "White Silence = Violence," "I Can't Breathe," "I'm Not Against Police Brutality, I'm Against Police." Some of the protestors covered their faces saying that “these fascists infiltrate these rallies and take pictures and that problems are created for the protestors." Two officers were under a tree on the black lives matter group side and the two officers said that they could not have been more pleased with how the protest was taking place. Austin Police Officer Scott Truho said, "The older I get the more tolerant I get, as long as nobody gets hurt. This is Austin. This is wonderful. This is democracy. I love it"

The fact that it did not turn violent and that the protestors were able to use their first amendment right shows that this protest was a success and used good decorum. Heinrichs says that decorum is “do as I do and do as I do.” These two showed that you can protest without burning down buildings, looting, and hurting people.     

Each speaker also used the strategy of virtue. They spoke for the cause they believe in. Police lives matter group had the Austin Police Chief speak along with some other important figures in the community. They handed out little goodies and held up signs. The black lives matter group did not have one particular speaker but they had drums and walked around with different signs. One mom brought her son and said she planned on taking her son to a “Justice Or Else” rally in Washington, DC" It's scary as a black parent. You teach your children to do all the right things when dealing with the police, and horrible things still happen," said the woman. 

The woman declined to give her name. Heinrichs says that virtue is branch off of ethos. Ethos targets a person’s character and that is what both these movements do. It attacks a person’s character by saying you are okay with innocent African Americans getting killed by racist white police officers. The police lives matter movement uses it by saying you are okay with men with families that are just doing their jobs to be killed.  That is why when people speak on these matters they have to care about them so that they can give a good speech and make the people believe in what they are protesting for. That is virtue.

Lastly, each group uses pathos to get to their audiences. They get specific speakers to invoke emotion to help their cause. Like for the police lives matter, they got the Austin Police Chief to speak along with retired officers. They held up signs, gave out little goodies, and untied under one color. The black lives matter protestors beat drums and marched chanting “Black Lives Matter.” Heinrichs says that pathos is mostly getting the audience to sympathize with you. A lot of different emotions can do that and with all that has gone on the past few years, there is a lot emotion running high. That is why each group gets people to ignite that emotion for their specific cause.

Although that these two topics can get heated, these two groups proved that you can do it peacefully to get your point across. They used multiple different rhetorical strategies to get their audience behind them. They showed good decorum by not erupting in a riot. Each speaker showed virtue by showing knowledge in the topic they are speaking and showing passion. The groups showed pathos by just showing up and representing a cause they felt was worthy. They took different approaches and they both succeeded in their mission. These two groups showed that just because you disagree with someone, which does not mean you have to disrespect them. 


I think that this author hit it right on the head with covering this protest and giving both sides. He did not seem bias in my opinion. He used quotes from both sides and had pictures from both sides.  
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On December 21,2014 two NYPD officers were shot and killed execution style while sitting in their car. Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were targeted based solely on their occupation. The suspect Ismaaiyl Brinsley was found in a subway station a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He was arrested in Cobb County,Georgia in 2011 for a host of different charges including felony possession of a firearm and obstructing a police officer. He was given a fine of $1,700 and probation. His probation was revoked in 2013 for an unknown reason. USA Today covered the story after it took place. 

Joe Biden spoke at Rafael Ramos' funeral saying that "when the assassin's bullet targeted the officer, it targeted New York also". Along with Vice President Biden, thousands of people showed up to pay their respects including fellow NYPD officers and Mayor DeBlasio. In recent months leading up to Mayor DeBlasio received backlash for his anti-police comments. So much backlash that thousands of NYPD officers turned their backs to him while he spoke. But Joe Biden stole the show with his appearance. Joe Biden said "being a cop was not what they, but who they were."  That was so true that these two officers gave their life for a job where people will walk up and shoot them in the head because of the uniform they wear. I am so passionate about this is issue because while I am going to law school, I want to be a Georgia State Patrol Officer. I do not want the Vice President showing up to my funeral because I was shot for sitting in my car. It was a great honor but at the same time it was uncalled for. 
In chapter five of Thank You For Arguing, Jay Heinrichs talks about decorum. This is great decorum because the audience expects the speaker to call the officers heroes and be apologetic to the family. But I feel like Joe Biden took it a further. Vice President Biden put New York into his speech. He compared this to 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy. The death toll was not as large but innocent people being killed was the same. Bad decorum would of been if Joe Biden got up spoke about his campaign or something else that did not pertain to remembering these two great men. He did not do that so I think he showed great decorum.   
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Growing up without a parent is hard. Especially when that parent is killed based solely on their job. . You getting a ticket may ruin your day, but they are just upholding the oath they took. The founding fathers wanted a judicial branch for a reason. Your time to fight the law is not when you are getting a ticket or arrested; that time is when you are standing in the courtroom, in front of the judge with your attorney by your side. The reason people go to law school and get law degrees is to fight for people. They believe in "innocent until proven guilty." That is what every person is; innocent until proven guilty. Your issue will not get solved by fighting or arguing with police officers. If anything that will only make it worse. Without police we would be a society of animals. Their job is not easy. I personally do not think the everyday person could do it. Police work 12 hour shifts and run on sometimes zero sleep. They leave their families everyday not knowing if they will ever see their children grow up or kiss their loved ones again. They may get called to a car wreck where a four-year old got killed and then turn around and have to chase down a guy that just robbed a bank. I am not saying police are perfect, but they are human beings and they do mess up. There is a system put in place for them to get fixed. Whether it be a mistake on a traffic ticket or they shoot someone they are not suppose.  Media portrays the police as criminal instead of the protector. We need to look at the positive they do instead of all the negative. We forget stories like this.  Cops do little things like this all the time but the media does not show this; they show them as "power hungry, racist, pigs." Cops do not look to make people's lives hard. They just want to do their job and get home to their family, but when you resist arrest that puts officers on edge and puts them in fear for their life. No ordinary human being goes out looking to harm another person, but when is threaten you feel the need to do anything you can to survive. The best thing to do when confronted by an officer is be respectful and do what they tell you to do . Any problems you have with that officer needs to be taken to court and handled by the judicial system  

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In “Message to My Freshman Students” Keith Parsons says he is a professor, not a teacher. That all the way through our teachers have been responsible for making us learn and making us do good on tests. That they have are evaluated on based our test scores. Parsons says that it is no longer his job to make us learn. He gets “paid the same whether we get an F or an A.” Parsons says his boss is not going to call him to into his office and ask him why his students are not performing.   Parsons is not obligated to give us any grade. He states that universities are ancient and that they like to do things the “old fashion way.” He disagrees with the fact that lecturing has come under scrutiny; that flipped learning is the way of the future. His response to that is “Hogwash, students need to learn to listen.”  Parsons says that freshman students can not critically think. He states that his purpose as a professor is to make the world a richer place and his students stronger individuals. College is a different culture with different values Parsons writes. He says the biggest difference between his first year students and him is that he has adjusted to the ways of college and his students are fresh out of high school. Parsons says they come from a culture with academic values that are “strange and hard to understand.”

I agree with Keith Parsons in the fact that we are now adults and our education from here on out is on us. We are to make the responsible decisions on whether to do homework or go out with our friends. I disagree with him on the aspect that we are just suppose to automatically know everything there is to know about college. Parsons even stated himself that we are coming the a different culture. We can not just be thrown into the fire. We are just 18 and 19 years old. Three months ago we had to ask to go to the bathroom and to get out of our seats. Now in some classes, we do not even have to show up. That is a big difference. Parsons can not expect to accomplish his goal of making us stronger individuals with the idea that he is going to get paid no matter what. That makes it seem like he does not care about educating. That sounds like he just in it for a paycheck. I agree with him that he can not make someone learn if they do not want to but he can not put all first year students into that category. The students that don’t care, don’t show up, and don’t do their work; don’t last very long. Parsons should not lump all first year into the category of not caring and not being able to think. We are in college for a reason. We are not dumb individuals. We just need help in our first to be successful.